Saturday, March 28, 2009

Date Night at the Chuck E. Cheese...

I am so lucky that Keaton wants to date his Mom...ha..does that sound totally inappropriate..yeah, it kind of does..but it is not..

I love that my almost 5 year old son, thinks I am cool enough to go out with...He always says mom, I love our Dates...can we go on a date again....Now, I am not totally stupid..I pretty much know that it means, mom take me somewhere and spoil me rotten, more than Mom I want to spend time with you and only you...but hey I will take it...

I know there will come a time, when he will roll his eyes at me (and I will want to smack him), and not want anything to do with for now, Date night rocks...

Keaton and I went to Chuck E. Cheese for date night last night....Um...they are redicoulsy expensive...but anyhoo...we ate pizza, talked, played games, collected tickets, bought a rubber spider for all of tickets we had...which by the way is a total rip off, ...ha...We even got to see the Big Cheese himself....Good Times.....

We topped the night off ,with some ice cream...and it was a great night..

Now of course he would like to know, when the next one is...:)

I love Keaton....he is such a bright and shining light in my home...he makes me laugh, he amazes me with his wisdom, of course he also drives me up the wall at times...but I am so glad, he is my son...and I look foward to even more date nights...I am hoping he will pay for the next one...what do ya think....:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Question I have been dreading for almost 5 years..


UGH...I thought I would have another couple of years before that came up..ha..

It was pretty funny trying to explain to him..that When Mommy was young she did this, and she really regrets it..

Keaton: Why don't you like it?

Me: Well, I don't think we should treat our bodies that way..

Keaton:, I guess it's just for guys then?, just boys get tattoos..

Me: Oh no...Boys should not have them either...(As I am panicking with the thought, he would want one..ha)

Keaton: well, someone's mom probably took their kids to get it done..ha..(that was my fav line)

Me:.Yeah I don't think so bud..Momm'ys don't like their kids to have them.

Keaton: Well, Guess you were not thinking right huh??


Now is the time I pray ...that Keaton does not come home someday with a tattoo, and blame it all on me...:)

If it wasn't 200 degrees in March in AZ..I would not have been wearing short sleeves and we might have avoided this convo for another few years...ha..

Oh well..I knew it was coming..Boy I hope he makes better decisions than me..., He is a good kid..I know he will...

I hope I don't offend anyone reading this with Tattoo's I don't mean to...I just regret mine, I was young, and I did not think it through...and Now they are a permanent part of my body..No meaning to the one on my arm at all..just thought it "looked cool".., and said let's do it..and I did, and now I hate it...

now I am babbling...time to end...