Monday, January 18, 2010

New Years..

New Year's we went to my Grandma's, she always has a New Years party for the Grandkids and families.. The kids love it and have a lot of fun, and at Midgnight, we are out like idiots running in the street and watching all the neighboorhood fireworks ..

I have to say, Braedon...I love that kid, but not the most excited about lot's of things, especially being up past his bedtime and or anything pertaining to fireworks or loudness..I am not sure where he comes from, not this loudmouth family..just kidding..He is such a kick, but when he gets around other's he becomes pretty quiet, just observing everything around him..

Keaton, he just has fun with his cousins, and is loud and hyper and can't wait till midnight, he just is the life of the, that he get's from me, of course..

here are some pics from that night, with my family, including Grandma..we love her very much..


Christmas this year was nice..

Keaton is our little outdoorsman..seriously, most boys like to play ball and stuff like that, Keaton is obsessed with Hunting..which is a little scary to me, but hey, I'm going with it. his favorite channel is not Disney, it is the Hunting channel.. you see where I am going with this..He could live at the Bass Pro shop ..we could spend all day there and he would still not be satisfied, he knows more about weapons than I do. lol..

What can I say, my kid loves to kill God's, Ok I am being a bit dramatic.

So..all in all he got what he has wanted. a hunting game, as a family we bought a Wii, which I never thought I would, I always said nope..Not gonna be a video game family, just did not want to go there, but it is a lot of fun.

He could hunt with his wii game for hours, I am finding myself having to really put limits on it.

both boys were spoiled this year, and they have been having fun ever since.

It's been a while...Recap..

Okay, I am sucking big time at keeping up with the here is a quick recap..

Let's break this down into a few posts..

In December Keaton had his Christmas Concert for School, he got to stand up on stage with all the Kindergarten kids and sing a few songs..It was all over in about 2 minutes which had me laughing, but it was cute..

Then comes the Temple light pics..We go every year, usually with some friends..but this year that did not work out, so we went one evening by ourselves., I just want to say, we all look like ragamuffins in these boys look messy and so do Jeff and well..we love to go see the temple lights..such a peaceful feeling to go to the temple grounds anyway, but at Christmas time, it is a really great experience..

here are some pics..