Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation ....Oh the tears..

Last night was Keaton's Pre-School Graduation ceremony....I am so proud of him...Yes, I am proud he graduated Pre-School...I think it's a great milestone..he has learned so much this past year. And I feel better about letting him go off to Kindergarten with the knowledge he has..

I tear up whenever I think about this..Wasn't he just born the other day..He will be 5 years old in 2 weeks..where did that time go..People tell me it goes fast, but I never thought it would go this fast..

I have so much invested in this kid..It took me forever to have him,and now that he is here..I I tell him I love him enough, do I spend enough time with him, do I teach by example. Trying to raise a young man is tough. You want them to be a little boy, and love all things little boys love, but you want them to be sensitive, to grow up and respect girls, and treat everyone with respect.

I love this little boy..and am so grateful for him..I know I can be hard on him sometimes, there are nights when I want to wake him up from his sleep and tell him I am sorry for not being the best mommy that day and tell him how much I love him..but then I know he would never go back to sleep and I scratch that

When they say time flies..I know what that means now..I used to wish for time to hurry up..everything went so slow it seemed...but now I wish things would slow down just a little..

Anyways enough of the are some pics of his special day..


The Proud Mommy..