Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here she is in all her glory...:)

Did I get your

This is my Sister from another Mister, Cylee..
She was in town for a visit with her in-laws, and we got to hang for a night, it was wonderful , steak dinner and a movie. We giggled like school girls the whole time, and I am pretty sure everyone around us thought we were a couple, but it was such a great time.

Cylee was my roomate many years ago, one of many that I adore and love, but this chick really got on my nerves when we first met, she was just so dang mormon. she had this ridiculously bright glow about her, it annoyed me so much,..I thought..yeah right who is this excited about going to Church for 3 hours..yep

all kidding aside, she really is one of the closest people I have here on this Earth, she loves me despite my many many flaws, and she doesn't even flinch when I say something outrageous, she loves me for me, such a rare quality in a friend,

Even though, I know I drove her completely nuts, with my harsh attitude and sarcasm (which never seems to go away), she never gave up on me, I am so glad she didn't ..

those long years ago when we lived together all of us, Liz, Amy, and Cylee, was some of the best times in my life,.

I am grateful for this lady, even though this picture is somewhat well, not the best, and the background is well WOW!! I loved spending this night with fun..I wish she lived here again, but in her words, "never gonna happen", lol..

love ya Cylee, thx for being you..

Friday, December 4, 2009

More Pictures..

Here's some that did not fit, mostly of Thanksgiving time..

I'm a little behind.

so I am not as good at keepin up with this thing as I would like to be..

For Halloween this year Keaton wanted to be a Skeleton..well I could not find a costume under like 30$, and I am sorry...that is just to much for a costume he will wear once for an hour or I decided I can make on..well if you know me at all, you know I am not creative in that type of way at all, so I was freakin out.
My Grandmother was going to help me, and we had our plan all ready on how to make it, which was a little overwhelming to me to say the least, when all of a sudden one of the skeleton costumes went on sale, a really good one, bringing down to a price I was happy with, especially since I did not have to make it..:)

Braedon was an Indian, this was Keaton's costume when he was Braedon's age.

we also spent way to much money on a Pumpkin from a Pupmpkin patch, I thought Jeff was going to have a heart attack..but nonetheless we did it, and it turned out cute.

We had family in town for Thanksgiving. it was a blast, love seeing family and hangin would of thought I got more pics of actual Thanksgiving than I did , but oh well..

I also had a chance to hang with my sista from another mista for a night..and I will tell you all about that , when she get's off her booty and emails me the rockin picture we had taken, so I can post it, and tell all...that's need to stop reading this Cylee, and go to the computer and email me our pic..thx..:)

more soon.