Monday, October 18, 2010

few more pics of the wedding party and cousins.

My California Trip.

In the begining of October, I had a little vacation, I was in my cousin Tara's wedding up in Norther California. Beautiful part of California, and it was so nice to be with family. It was the first time EVER that I left my kids. Jeff was a trooper and did a great job with them, with some assistance from grandma as well.
It was a nice break to be able just to have to worry about myself for once, but I did miss my kids, especially at night time.

We had a great time,and am thakful for my family, I love them all.

here are a few pics of me and the cousins.

few more pics..sorry..

Braedon's Birthday

Braedon turned 3 in August.
He is a joy to this family, 95% of the time, the other 5% , the other 5%. :)
I love him very much, he is all boy, loves cars and making belching noises, just like brother and daddy..I guess it's a good thing I don't have any girls (yet) , they would be pretty schocked at all the testosterone around here. :)

here are some pics of the day..or days..of his celebration.

4 months later...

So I know I have fallen off the earth for the past 4 months in the blogging world..I just got really lazy over the summer, and I am still lazy, but trying to be better at this.

I really don't want to go through the whole summer's agenda, that would take to long, so let's take it up on the first day of school.

Keaton is in 1st grade this year, and is doing good.
Braedon is in preschool, and loves it.

here are a few pics.

Friday, June 11, 2010


The summer is here, and that means swimming lessons, which means my fat butt has to get into a swimsuit to be in the water with Braedon, which means not a lot of fun for on

anyway, the boys are doing well..Keaton is doing really good this year, my cousin Marisa is his instructer, so I feel really good about that..

Braedon, is just pretty annoyed with it all, but hey it's a pool and he can jump into it, so he puts up with it..

pics continued..

more of the birthday celebration and time in the mountains..

May 2010

Let's see so much catch up..

Well, Keaton finished his first year in school, he is officially a kindergarten graduate. How did I get a first grader, that happened way to fast.

He also turned 6 years old, of course we had 2 birthday parties, one with one side of the family and some friends from school and Church. and then one of them up at Phil's cabin, which is Keaton's favorite place to be, he could live there..his theme this year was basketball..he loves it..

I love him soooo much, there are days when I wonder how I will keep all the hair attatched to my head, since I would love to pull it all out, but he is turning into such a great kid, so smart, he got an award for reading 50 books at school, he is doing well, and has such a personality, and of course he is a little bit gorgeous, soooo..yeah, a little bragging there from mommy..but enough of that, here are some pics..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a Poser!!!

And not in the lame way...this kid is going through a phase, where whenever I want to take a picture he poses so silly like is funny..but seriously, when I want a picture, he won't take a serious one..


And then there was Easter..UGH...It was not my favorite this year. it was Easter and General Conference, which was a little much all at once, because on Easter, I was to busy to really enjoy conference with baking and cooking for family functions, and from the weekend of Easter Candy, My kids were unhinged, and I was ready to sell them to the highest bidder..anyways here it was..

Catch up Time..

So this was the first year Keaton was in Baseball..T-Ball to be exact.. He is a Florida Marlin. I have to say it is pretty hysterical watching 5 year olds play ..The competitive side of me, wishes it was a little more..well...competitive. for T-ball they call it 3 and a treat..meaning 3 innings then your done, and you get a and no one wins. or they all win I guess. which is cute, but I want to see some action..c'mon this is why I have my boys, so I can be "That Parent" at a ball game, screaming and

The other day Keaton was on First base, and the guy behind him hit his ball, so he started running to 2nd base, well...he noticed the little guy on the other team having trouble getting the ball to try and get Keaton out, so Keaton stops running to 2nd and goes and help the other guy get the, he was totally helping the other team..I love that he is being nice and helpful, but we had to have a talk about helping his team..

here are a few pics..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Life with a boy...

So....Keaton gets a small allowance, and is always ready to remind us of payday. He states.."I want my Dollar", well what have you done this week..look at your room it is a mess.

5 minutes later..."Mom, I cleaned my room reall GOOD..come see..this is what I find.

needless to say he gets his cleaning skills from me, As a child, I mean..This was my idea of a clean room growing up, My mother always said, I hope you have a child that is just like you some day. I would always laugh, and say, well I am pretty cool, so I hope so too.. After living with this little stinker for almost 6 years, I am finding out that Yes he is like me, and..well, I am gonna feel real bad for his future wife, if she ever came home to this, with him saying..Honey, don't worry about it , I cleaned up the house while you were out. :)