Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year..

Well, I have gone and done it again, neglected the blog, for almost 3 months. Sorry, and if not for know who you are, telling me that I need to update, I probably would forget about it all together..:)

The Holiday's have come and gone, and I am a little happy..I love the time of year, I hate the stress. Every year I say, it's gonna be more simple next year, and it never is, just more things to do, places to be. Thanksgiving is nice, I have family that comes in for it, that I don't get to see much, Christmas is fun, with family and fun, and trying to remember the reason for the season. But by January, I need a vacation..Serious people, I need a vacation..

And as a New Years resolution, among my 50 other..I plan to document more frequently so it does not become so overwhelming..

I have tried adding pics, but it keeps giving me an error signal, so I will have to figure that out, and then hopefully later or tomorrow, I can get some pics up..


Liz said...

Yay! you're back! I miss seeing your beautiful faces! ;) So I don't know if this will help, but the main thing that keeps me motivated is doing a blog book at the end of each year. I LOVE my book and it is what makes me want to keep up on my blog, otherwise I think I would fall behind all the time too! You should do one! Glad you are back!

Erica said...

Hi Liz, yeah, I am coming back to the blog world, I remember you did that with fact I saw an ad for one yesterday and thought of you..:)
now if I can just figure out how to make our picture, holy huge, so far I am clueless, but will keep working on it, and adding pics..hope you're all doing well..miss ya..

Cylee Pressley said...

Your picture is so cute! Your little family is so cute. Wish I was close to see them grow. And dang, lady, you look awesome! Will you come to my house and make me look good and not like a dumpy house wife...pleazzzzz?